If this is an emergency and you need our help right now, click here to contact us by phone so we can come to assist you. We can be there in about 15 minutes if your in Terre Haute.

We’re having a big discount on our A.L.P. Roadside Insurance. Right now you can get all our services for less then $2.50 a month, paid annually. That’s cheaper than calling someone else to unlock your car. And if you look below, we do more than just lockouts.

Why pay other companys up to $64.00 a year, plus a one-time enrollment fee of $10.00 just to get four road side assistants a year. And this is just the basic fee for a few companys. Or pay $2.99 a month and get $50.00 paid, and you pay anything over that. 
When you go with us we guarantee the car or the person. So it doesn't matter whose driving, your cars always covered. Or you'll be covered no matter who's car your in.
When you go with our Auto Lockout Plus program you get unlimited services, and we mean unlimited times,  road side services that are below, or pre-pays, that cost you each time your in need if your not a member:

1. 24hr. Auto Lockout from your car. ($35.00 from 6am -11pm and $45.00 11pm - 6am)
2. 24hr. Jumpstart when needed. ($35.00+ Value)
3. 24hr. Flat tire change with your inflated spare tire. One tire only. ($45.00+ Value)
4. 24hr. We will bring you two gallons of gas if you run out to get you to the nearest gas station, gas is free of charge. ($40.00 Value)
5. 24hr. $30.00 and up for Winching, if you get stuck in a ditch. (Job is at our discretion) This is something we do if we feel we can. And this job is only for a discounted price. 50% off  for members. (IT'S NOT FREE) Just a lot cheaper.
6. Members also get 10% off from Rent-A-Car, car rental. (812) 235-1527 local office. Just show your member ID card to receive discount.

(Sorry for the inconvience, but we're not Towing at this time)

Auto Lockout Plus Roadside and Towing
And get a onetime per year, five mile max tow. Anything farther then that, you would be responsible to pay the difference at the time of towing.
For your first year of service with Auto Lockout Plus is only $29.99
For your first year of service with Auto Lockout Plus Towing is $44.99

This special is when you sign up on oue web site, or call us and we'll come out to you. You can save 25% that makes your cost only $29.99the first year. And $15.00extra for towing, if you want it. If you want towing on your policy, we’ll discuss it in person or over the phone. The good thing is we’ll come to you. Just go to our Enrollment page and sign up. After you sign up you will be taken to the shopping cart so you can make your payment. After you pay we'll send you all the information and your personal ID card to get you filling safe when your out on the road. Your coverage starts as soon as you sign up and pay.

And if you add Plus Towing to your service it's only $44.99 total the first year. That's$15.00 extra. 
And with us you will find out that we are a better and faster service then the rest. We'll respond to your needs within 30 minutes if you’re in town. Most of our response times are about 15 to 20 minutes. And with us, you will not have to talk to an operator. You'll talk to the person who is going to come help you. If you feel uncomfortable and not safe at your location we will stay on the phone with you untill we arrive.
Auto Lockout Plus
Roadside Insurance & Per-Pay Services
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Right now you can sign up for less then $2.50 a month, paid yearly. It's a price that's hard to beat. Try us, we know you'll like what all we'll do for you. Please read everything before you make up your mind. Don't miss out on the savings, nobody can match our deal or our great service.
Changing a flat tire
You can always feel safe when your covered by the
A.L.P.  Roadside Insurance shield.

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