Custom E-Liquids made to your taste
or to buy our custom made E-Liquids for vaping. If your not 18 or over, please leave this site.
For a 10ml bottle of E-Liquids cost is $5.99 for the first flavor and an extra $1.00 for each additional flavor. You'll find that mixing flavors can make some really good mixes. One of our favorites is (Big C. Red Gum) That takes two flavors to make. Bubble gum and red hot, and you got Big C red Gum. If you have your own idea, create your own below. Please fill out all infomation below so we can process your order as faast as we can. We know you want it as fast as we can get it to you.  We will call you to confirm your order.

We are also going to start selling a 5 pack of 5ml variety​ sample pack for the beginner e-smoker to try. (Coming soon)
First Name
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Flavor 1
Flavor 2
Flavor 3
Flavor 4
Flavor 5 or sweetener
         You can get your nicotine in:
​0% - 6% - 12% - 18% and 24%
Please list below in the comments section what nicotine level you want. 24% is the same as a full flavor, 18% is like a medium cigarette and 12% is a light and 6% is the same as a extra light.
Banana, Cream, Chocolate, Tutti Fruit, Bubble Gum, Cinnamon Red Hot, Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Cotton Candy, Apple, Sweet Tart, Cola, RY4*, Purple Haze,​ Hypnotiq.

​​* More of a tobacco flavor.                                       More Flavors Coming Soon